Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.6.5 [Latest Version]

IThemes Security Pro Free Download Latest Version – iThemes Security Pro is one in all the fine security plugins for WordPress users. It helps you fix commonplace WordPress safety problems and adds a further layer of safety to save your website online from hackers. IThemes Security also has a free model available, however it comes with minimal protection capabilities. If you need premium functions like two-aspect authentication, model management, and plenty of others, then you must go for the Pro model of this plugin. IThemes Security Pro is simple to use and user-pleasant plugin, even a newbie can installation this in a few minutes. This plugin additionally gives automated malware protection. When the malware test function is enabled, it will routinely test your website online for malware each day.

Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.6.5 [Latest Version]

If it located any malware on your internet site, an email can be automatically despatched in your mail address. IThemes Security Pro offers 34 protection modules to maintain your website online safe and error-free. It additionally takes backup of your web site database; if anything is going wrong, you may get lower back your web site by way of restoring the database backup. It permits you to take each automated and manual database backups. One of the time-saving features of this plugin is its Version Management module. It will shield your website online from old WordPress versions, plugins, and themes through updating them to the state-of-the-art versions automatically. Overall, iThemes Security Pro is an fantastic solution for small bloggers and newbies who wants to secure their internet site from hacking attacks.

Core Features of iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Removes WordPress Security Breaches
  • Brute Force Protection for WordPress
  • Automatically detects any file change in your database
  • Force you to create a strong password
  • Bans Multiple failed login attempts IP.
  • Makes WordPress Dashboard inaccessible during specific hours
  • Scheduled database backupChange the default WordPress login URL
  • Notification through mail address if anything goes wrong
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security dashboard to monitor activities
  • Bans specific IP and user agents
  • Automated Malware Protection
  • Trusted devices
  • Automatic software updates
  • Allow changing content directory
  • Database table prefix change also possible

Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.6.5 (Latest Version) – Security Plugin for WordPress

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