PTCL Speed Test

PTCL provides the biggest internet service in Pakistan, the majority of Pakistanis depend on ptcl internet. PTCL Speed Test internet speed of Ptcl varies according to customer requirements and payment.

In the 20th century, the usage of the internet increases 10 times more. Studies and researches show that average download speed in South Korea is 38Mbps and gets top-ranked in the world. while the United States of America has an average of 30 Mbps and gains the second position.

If internet speed is good and smoothly run you enjoy your time while using the internet and grow your business with a happy mood without facing any problem. Internet downloading and uploading speed can be measured by using online websites. Downloading speed is measured when you download a file from the web. Internet uploading speed is measured when you upload a file to the web. If you have any issue in uploading and downloading speed then you can contact the internet providers and resolve issues.

Internet speed issues

The most common internet issue is downloading and uploading the speed of your internet not an exact match with your Internet Service Providers (ISP). For example, you pay for 20 Mbps but receiving only 10 Mbps speed. Another issue may your wiring system is interrupt etc…

You can measure internet speed easily on our site by clicking on the PTCL Speed Test.

What does PTCL stand for?

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest integrate information communication technology (ICT) company in Pakistan.

Ptcl speed test

PTCL is one of the best internets in Pakistan. Because it provides a fixed household connection which has many benefits. Like unlimited download, infinite usage, stable download speed, unexpensive broadband connection, free unlimited on-net calls most assessable, mostly used, PTCL Speed Test, etc.

Invention of PTCL

On 14 August 1947 incorporated 1995 ptcl was founded in Headquarter Islamabad, Pakistan.

PTCL Packages

you can get 8 Mbps- 100Mbps (8 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and even 100 Mbps). These packages are generally good for high-end users who use video downloads and use the internet to run their small businesses. And also  PTCL users will be able to enjoy 6-months of Netflix basic subscription-free and additional services as well….

PTCL Speed Test In the early 1950s, the Computers era began with the invention of computers, in 1982 The Internet came into existence when the TCP/IP standardized. Internet is the worldwide system of computer networks, we can get knowledge, Electronic mail, Research, Downloading files, Discussion groups, Interactive games, Education and self-improvement, and a lot of information from the internet. In this modern era, the internet becomes an essential part of our life and 96.49% of people all over the world using the internet. Without the internet, life is unmeaningful, boring. There are many benefits of the internet… an internet user you know and understand the benefits of the internet as well…….

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Just click on the PTCL Speed Test button. Check your own internet uploading and downloading speed and then match with ISP. PTCL service is only available for Pakistanis.

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